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Demboski Diary

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Friday, June 7, 2013

My View Every Day

 Each day when I drive and I look in my rear view mirror these are the two faces that I see. They drive me nuts sometimes with their fighting over unimportant things, but their joy and zest for life make up for it all. They always know how to make me smile. I can't wait to turn Ashley's car seat around so that I can see her cute little face too. I may not be able to see her in the rear view mirror, but I can certainly hear her.

This is another one of my views each day. They kids are obsessed with the Ipad. Andrew's favorite game is Mine Craft. Allison's favorite game is Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. They discover all sorts of videos and trailers to watch and laugh together.  I love when they play with it together.
And this is another view I have every day. OK maybe not everyday, but there is always something new they discover. Today Andrew turned this cardboard box into a costume. The rake and broom are the arms and of course the arm needs to hold a bucket. My favorite part was the whistle that Andrew had in his mouth.

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