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Demboski Diary

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

You There

Each Wednesday while the big kids are at Awanas, Paul and I get to spend the evening with this little one. Tonight we took her out for dessert, and even saw a rainbow. Amongst Andrew and allisons busy schedule, it's nice to give Sshley some well deserved time of her own to be an only child. She talks nonstop and enjoys putting her arms around our necks and telling us how much she loves her. Ashley loves to give compliments and I must say I love receiving them.

Keep Calm and Fit-a-Thon

I feel very privileged to be apart of such an enthusiastic and unique school community. The kids both participated in this years biggest fundraiser, the Fit-a-Thon. Alison's class represented Japan and Andrews class represented Peru. It was one of the hottest days of "winter". A mere 90 degrees. But the kids did great. There was kickboxing, basketball, yoga and Zumba. Watching my two oldest participate and have fun brought a sense of happiness to my heart. They're both such innocent little souls. I hope this never changes.

Core concepts math in Spanish

This year in 1st grade has become a very big challenge for Andrew and I. Core concepts is a way of teaching and learning that is supposed to prepare kids for a higher level of thinking. But it's killing me. Andrew is struggling and homework each night involves tears and google translator. But I will not sit back and watch my boy struggle. I have sought out help from his teacher. I am texting her pictures like this one to her each night and asking her if andrew is doing it correctly. I requested a conference to go over Andrews progress. I also asked her for assistance for Andrew after school. I also requested that he be evaluated my a speech pathologist. I must say advocating for my son has got us far. He is going to start an after school study session with his teacher and a small of students. Andrew has been seeing the speech and language therapist for a few weeks now and we finally got a meeting for an IEP. Andrew is feeling supported by all of this and I am feeling like a pretty darn good mom.