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Demboski Diary

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Grad school

I honestly can't believe I have started school again.
I'm not that into it.
I'm only taking one class this semester.
I'm already slacking.
But I guess I have paid attention enough to correct my instructor on a major mistake she made in the syllabus.
Maybe I can do this.
I always thought graduate students were beyond intelligent ms I wouldn't fit in.
I'm learning that the people in my class may be more motivated than me, but I am just as smart as them.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Andrew's brother

Of course I am thrilled to have another baby, but I am equally thrilled that Andrew finally has a little brother. He has experienced the joy of receiving the news that he was going to have a little brother, and then he experienced the sadness when receiving the news that his little brother died. He lived this reality not once but twice. Our grief and loss is still not understood, the only thing we do know is that we trust God and the story he has planned for us. 
Watching Andrew with Ashton overfills my heart. The decision to have another baby after we lost Angel and Austin was a difficult one, but it is obvious that we made the best decision and I would go it again in a heartbeat. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

OC Fair

The day the kids got back from Camp Bug we decided to take them to the OC Fair. From 12-4 all rides were only 4 tickets compared to 7-14 tickets per ride.
The big slide was a big hit. Ashley wasn't tall enough for a lot of the rides, but the ones she did get to go on were very fun.
Ashton and I stood by and watched as the others went on the massive Ferris wheel. I received many sweet smiles and people asking how old is he, and telling me how brave I am to have brought him to the fair at such a young age of six weeks. Little do they know he has already been to Big Bear and Lake Havasu. I know he is still little, but I feel like he is growing up so quickly. I never stop kissing his little head filled with soft fine baby hair.
With only a few minutes left of the 4 ticket rides we wanted to get in as many rides as possible. Not knowing what Rave Wave was, we sent the kids in line, after all, they were tall enough, so it must mean that is was age appropriate right? WRONG! They were the next in line and we didn't even know what the ride did. Once the ride started, it brought the riders backwards in a circle going up and down over "waves", instantly Allison started to cry. There was no way either one of them even wanted to be in line for Rave Wave let alone go on it. Then all of a sudden a big tarp covered each rider so now they couldn't see, and the ride started to speed up. Andrew and Allie ran out of line so fast. Thank God they did not make it on the ride, they would have been traumatized for life and that possibly could have been the end of our day. Paul and I learned our lesson. But they looked really cute in line waiting together.
We went for a more innocent experience next...the butterfly exhibit. We got to go in a large netted off area and feed butterflies nectar. It was pretty magical and the kids had so much fun. Butterflies were everywhere and were not shy. They landed all over us. I was really excited until one landed on my face and it reminded me too much of a moth. It took some deep breathing and the giggles from my three big kids to get me through it. Ashley was dangerously excited to play with the butterflies, her chubby little hands handled the delicate butterflies as gently as possible.

Who could not be in love with her excited bright eyes. The other adults in the exhibit would catch the butterflies and hand them to her, while I did my best to pretend this butterfly was a hair accessory.

The afternoon faded away into the evening and the games took all of our money and the kids didn't understand why they tried so hard but never won. It is a sad scam they run, but the challenge was fun.
Th kids were exhausted after a fun week at Camp Bug and Ashley held on, feet up as Paul pulled the wagon back to the car. A fun time was had by all.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Food Truck Nights

While the kids were at Camp Bug, we decided to go to Food Truck Nights with Brad and Nancy. We thought going here without the big kids would be a better way to experience all of the food and walking around. It would have been difficult to have three kids (five kids with Brand and Nancy's girls) with us. We enjoyed adult conversations and laughter. We are beyond blessed to have found this awesome couple and the fact that they are right next store to us is just an added bonus.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Camp Bug

I was super blessed to have gone to my Grandma Madeline's each summer with my cousins. We would spend one week staying up late, going to the beach, playing dominoes, eating ice cream and spending quality time with my cousins, my sister and my Grandma. My parents have started that tradition with my kids. This summer is the third Camp Bug. This was Ashley's first time going. When I told her that she would be at Grandma and Papa's house for 4 nights, I thought she would be upset and say she would miss me, but she just replied with "is that all?" I guess I don't have to worry about her being home sick. My parents got each kid these adorable camp bug shirts to add to their collection of their other camp bug shirts from the previous years. My parents really go overboard to make it special. They bought  see-saw, made a sandbox and had many many surprises for the kids to enjoy all week.
While they were away. I had a lot of bonding time with just Ashton. He sat with me on the sofa for 3 days straight as I worked on my photobook. I am currently on the year 2013 and feeling far behind. I used these days of having one kid at home to complete as much as I could complete. I managed to do 130 pages, only 70 more to go.
I also took this time to pump and try out a bottle for Ashton. He did great, a total pro, but I must admit I am happy I won't have to be pumping for awhile since I don't go back to work until November.

I managed to capture the beginnings of a smile from my little man. He is pleasant little baby and I love to hold him, kiss his lips and show him off.

He definitely prefers to be held verses sitting in his swing or bouncy chair. But I don't mind, I just can't get enough of him.
Reality has great timing sometimes. Paul and I were at Babies R Us when we came out to this. Thankfully the tires are new and I just got them rotated, I have AAA and the tires are under warranty. We took a trip to Costco and shopped while we got our new tire.
One more bottle for daddy to give to Ashton These two are pros! We really enjoyed our time with just Ashton, but the house is just too quiet without our big kids. Thankfully we get to pick them up soon!