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Demboski Diary

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vegas Ladies Trip

This past weekend I went on my first weekend away since I became a mom. I went to Las Vegas with Adrienne, Katie, Becky, Becky's sister Michelle and Becky's friend Carly for Becky's Bachelorette Party. I was nervous to leave the kids and a bit sad about it, until I got on the plane with Becky, then I was just excited! We stayed at the MGM Grand and had one of the best weekends ever! The first day we hung out at the pool and then took a limo cruise around the strip and took pictures at all of the landmarks around Vegas and drank Champagne. We went out to dinner and then went to a club called Tao. We had a lot of fun dancing and drinking, then decided to go to Tryst, another club that we all loved. It had a large outdoor section with a waterfall by the dance floor and we danced there til 6 o'clock in the morning! I was so proud of us! The next day was spent by the pool sleeping and recovering and preparing for another night out again. That night we had a yummy Italian dinner out, went to Thunder From Down Under where Becky was pulled up on stage and we all laughed our butts off. Then we headed to Vanity at the Hard Rock Hotel. That place was a lot of fun. We danced there until about 4 o'clock in the morning, then took a private cab that was this amazing SUV that was "pimped out" and cost the guys that was taking us to an after hours club about $40 to drive a few blocks away. This after hours club was called Dray's and they played house music till noon I think. We danced our butts off again until 6 o'clock. We managed to get a few hours of sleep before it was time to check out and lay by the pool until our flight back home. Overall we had an amazing time. This weekend away was just what I needed. I came back to 2 happy and dirty kids, and messy house and a stressed out hubby, but I was ready to take it on after such a wonderful weekend away.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa Bug!

We brought dinner over to my parent's house for my dad's birthday. We had black bean burgers with mango salsa. Super yummy! We went in the spa and had cupcakes. It was an Allison and Andrew dream come true night... full of grandparents, toys, swimming and sugar. Andrew dressed up as papa the mailman and had fun singing a duet with papa. We are so blessed to have my parents close by to enjoy a quick midweek dinner.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pirate Allison gets a booboo

So I must admit that I really don't know what happened. But my guess is that she hit her forehead on the kitchen cabinet door corner. She was alone in the kitchen, cried a little, and a few minutes later I noticed a HUGE black and blue bump on her forehead. She is one tough cookie. I tried to put ice on her, but you can only imagine how she reacted to that. She cried more with the ice than she did with the actual injury.

Little Miss. Allison is into a lot these days. She has learned the purpose of the stool in the kitchen. She is able to push the stool over to the counter top of her choice and climb up to get whatever it is that she is after. The other day she pushed the stool over to where we keep the fruit and helped herself to a tomato.

She is learning to put up with Andrew and stand up for herself. She never comes crying to us if he takes her toy or pushes her. She is able to handle the situation herself by screaming at him and taking back her toy and sometimes even pushes back (not that I am happy with this behavior, but happy that she isn't a pansy).

I really think that she will have a career in acting someday. I don't think she is good enough for big Hollywood movies, but I think she will do great as a soap opera star because she is great at drama and holding her poses. She likes to look down at the ground when she is mad at us and then ever so slightly creep her eyes up towards us, while keeping a look of hatred on her face! Boy if looks could kill!
Then there is the pirate face! One day at the dinner table, I was trying to teach Andrew how to wink using just one eye. Well I had no idea that Allison was paying attention and was just sitting there with one eye crunched closed as tight as she could close it. She looked ridiculous and I told her she looked like a pirate and I could not stop laughing. Ever since then, whenever I tell her to do the pirate face, she squishes her eye closed shut, and it is only the right eye that manages to close, her left eye always stays open. She keeps us laughing and sweating all day.