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Demboski Diary

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Allison Nichole's Baby Dedication

Last Sunday we dedicated Allison at our church. Uncle Damon and Aunt Katie are her Godparents, and I must say we had a very nice party for her. We had her dedication at the 8:30am service on Sunday morning. Andrew has not been feeling good, so we decided to keep him in church with us. Usually he has been going to "sunday school". I was nervous about him getting bored in church for an hour, but he did great! Christian and Rebekah were there too and they were also very well behaved! When we got up on stage, Allison kept staring up at our pastor and Andrew kept saying "outside, outside outside". Overall it was really nice. We walked back home and had a yummy brunch of scrambled eggs, cinnabon cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit and turkey sausage. The weather was nice, the company was fantastic and Allison was a little princess baby angel girl :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Aunt Fransisco

After Scourtney's wedding, we drove up to San Fransisco to stay with Katie. We arrived Sunday afternoon into the heart of the business district where Aunt Katie lives. I was surprised at how much San Fransisco reminded me of New York. We only had to circle around for 10 minutes or so to find parking, which isn't that bad apparently. We made the hike up to Katie's apartment building and settled into her home. We went up to the roof to watch the blue angels, which Andrew thought he liked from far away, but when they flew over the building, he was "scared". We walked through China Town and all the way down to Pier 39 for dinner. Andrew loved the trolley cars and all of the people watching. There were some interesting sights to be seen. We were walking along the outside of the pier, when Andrew saw the carousel on the inside of the pier. Without hesitation he said "Horsey!" "Ride" "Hold it" as he passed off his pizza crust to me and went running toward the carousel. How could we turn him down... he had a blast riding the horseys! After our trip around the merry go round, we walked over to the sea lions. Andrew had fun watching them and even tried to talk like them Allison was too bundled up in her stroller to even realize where we were... it was very cold out!

We took the trolley all the way back up to Katie's apartment. The next day we packed up and went to Golden Gate Park where we had a nice picnic with the Golden Gate Bridge as our backdrop. It was so beautiful. The food was good, Andrew was happy and Allison defiantly enjoyed herself. We headed out of town with Katie with us and headed down highway 1 and drove along the coast and headed into Carmel. We had a great dinner and checked into our hotel room just in time for the storm to hit. It poured buckets all night.
We barely made it home the next night around 11:30 after and long scary drive down highway 1 in the pouring rain on the steep cliffs overlooking the ocean with wind gusts and Andrew getting car sick twice. Thankfully we were able to stop off at John and Adrienne's for a quick bite to eat before heading home.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scourtney's Wedding

We went on our first road trip as a family of 4 up to Lodi for Scott and Courtney's wedding. The long 7 hour drive up was pretty nice. We made a few stops and took our time. We got there just in time for the rehearsal dinner. Andrew stayed back at the hotel with Aunt Katie and Gramma and Papa Demboski. They had dinner and watched Oswald all night...go figure :) Paul, Allison and I went to the rehearsal dinner and prepared for the next day.

The wedding was so beautiful. Courtney made a stunning bride and Scott looked handsome as well. I was very nervous during the ceremony, and hoping that both kids were nice and quiet. Andrew sat on my lap. I had a JuJu cup of apple juice, a binky, coloring stuff and a lollipop to keep Andrew happy. Thank goodness for Katie. She held Allison the whole time and did a fantastic job keeping our little pipsqueak happy and quiet.

The reception was a lot of fun and a lot of work. Both kids kept me running. Gramma, Papa and Aunt Katie were life savers and really helped out so that Paul and I were able to dance for quite a few songs. Andrew danced his butt surprise there. And he even played his guitar for us.

It was a beautiful day and we are so happy for our dear friends Scott and Courtney!!