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Demboski Diary

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy 70th

Whatta beautiful life to celebrate. Papa John Demboski is now a member of the 70 year old club, although he has the energy level and imagination of a 7 year old boy. We had a beautiful surprise birthday party celebrating this man, complete with 4 Big Rs to cook 4 different meats. His brother and sister surprised him with their presence as well. He was in absolute heaven having his whole family there to celebrate him. 

 No 70 year old birthday party weekend would be complete without a giant snow hill delivered and built before breakfast. This provided hours of enjoyment and entertainment for the little and big kids. The relatives thought it was humorous  that we had to pay for and have snow shipped to us.

 I love that my kids love their cousins so much. Watching them play all day together brings me such joy. Cousins are so important in a kid's life. They are pretty much their first friends and they get to be friends their whole lives. This weekend was so much fun and we were able to give Papa a great birthday gift. We finally told everyone that we are expecting a baby in just 5 months. We told the adults but we are still keeping it from the kids. Their innocent hearts need to remain innocent and we will protect them for as long as we can.
Needless to say this was the best gift we could have given to Papa. He was thrilled with the news and since I am showing a lot, I am not sure if it was a big surprise, but I think everyone (especially me) felt relieved to have the news out.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Baby Katelyn

I have been watching Baby Katelyn now for close to 5 months now and she has brought so much joy to our days. Becky drops her off at 5:45 every morning and she sleeps until I have to take the big kids to school. She enjoys the ride to school in the stroller with Ashley and then has a big breakfast when we get back. She likes to scoot around on her tummy and pull the books off of the book shelf until she is ready for her morning nap. Ashley has enjoyed having a little playmate. They don't exactly play together yet, but I know they both enjoy each other's company.