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Demboski Diary

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick Or Treat

 Allison had her Halloween party at preschool. She was super shy today for whatever reason. I never know what I am going to get with that girl. She was by far was the cutest little preschooler there.
 Even Paul made an appearance at the party. Ashley of course sported the famous pumpkin costume.
 Allison worked very hard on her sugar skull. She is quite creative and never ceases to amaze me with the things she comes up with. I love to receive her art work that she brings home from preschool.
 Ashley, my toothless baby crawling around the ground in the classroom.
 Andrew's school didn't do a costume party, but they did have a little party in his classroom. But the second he got home from school he raced into his room and put on his costume. We all went trick-or-treating, even Grandma and Papa Bug tagged along and had a ball.
 Our littlest one fell asleep during all the excitement, but managed to wake up at the end when we went through all the candy.

 We let the kids chose one piece of candy to eat before bed. They both chose Cheetos. Who would have thought?
We decided to do Face Time with Aunt Katie to show her all of the candy we got. Thank goodness for Face Time. It has been so much fun to be able to see Aunt Katie and talk with her on a weekly basis. The kids love it and I'm pretty sure she does too.

Sweet Dreams

After a long evening at the pumpkin patch, it is safe to say that Allie, Daddy and Cold Baby are very tired. I love this man more than I thought was ever possible. I love this little girl more than I thought was possible. I am a lucky woman.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pa's Pumpkin Patch Tradition

 Five years in a row now we find ourselves back at the famous  Pa's pumpkin patch. Allison looked adorable in her Cinderella costume, and I picked up the headband last minute at Party City and I must say I think it made the whole outfit. Andrew picked Iron Man. What is funny about both of their costumes is that Allie has never seen the movie Cinderella and I'm not exactly sure how Andrew knows of Iron Man. Ashley didn't have a choice, she was forced to wear the pumpkin costume that Andrew and Allison both wore for their first Halloween.

We have this same picture with each baby in the pumpkin costume next to these signs. It's way too cute to stop tradition. 

 Party of Five!
 I am happy that the pumpkin patch added this growth chart. I will be so sad when the day comes when Andrew is too cool to take the yearly photos in front of the growth chart. Until then, I will just savor each moment and photo.

 This year both kids were brave enough to ride the ponies. Last year they wanted to, but didn't feel comfortable enough. This year was different. They both feed off of each other's fears and feelings.

 Allison loved to go down the big slide, but her dress kept getting caught under her feet when she would climb up the ladder to the top. The gentleman working at the pumpkin patch decided it would be easier to just pick her up like a football and carry her up to the top. I was shocked that she didn't freak out. She just went with it. She impresses me sometimes at how brave and trusting she is with total strangers. Other times she wont even look at a family friend. Either way I am proud of who she is. I just can't believe that she was ok with this man carrying her up like a football. I could not stop laughing.
We decided it was probably a better idea to tie up her dress so she could climb up by herself. It did expose her underwear but she didn't seem to mind. And once again I could not stop laughing.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Carving pumpkins with the kids is obviously a very fun night of memory making. I think it is funny how Paul and I go about things so differently and it can all be summed up with our pumpkin carving planning. Paul told both of the kids to draw what they wanted their pumpkin's faces to look like on paper first. Then draw the face on the pumpkin. I am much more of a let's wing it type of girl. I say carve first and then see what it turns out to be. Either way the kids had fun and I enjoyed Paul putting so much effort into making their pumpkins turn out super cute and "Smooky". Grandma Duck and Papa Razzi joined us in all the fun, and I think I learned where Paul got his diligence from. Papa Razzi was the first to start and the last to finish, but ended up with a pretty special pumpkin.  We are so lucky to have our parents live close by to enjoy these special times. Our babies will only be this little once.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mud Time

 I told the kids that once our summer garden dies off that we will take out the dead plants and play in the mud. Well they took it upon themselves to make this happen. I wasn't mad or frustrated. I simply took pictures and movies. After all how cool of a childhood is this? Plus I got back at them when I hosed them off with ice cold water. Ahh it's good to be a mom sometimes.

 Ashley Marie taking in all the madness. She is learning so many cool things to try when she gets older. She will know how to get into trouble, but she will be lucky enough to have an older brother and sister help her to not get caught. The joys of being the youngest.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nuff Said

Andrew was a pirate and took Allison hostage.  He put her in this jail. She loves to play the victim. Nuff said.