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Demboski Diary

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Andrew Plays Soccer

This summer we have signed Andrew up for "Daddy and Me Soccer". Paul and Andrew go every Saturday morning for 30 minutes to play soccer with "Coach Cody". Both of them are having a lot of fun. Allison and I are having fun watching them from the sidelines. Andrew does a really good job at kicking the ball with his "little kick and big kicks". They play games where the ball is a shopping cart and you have to kick the ball to the "store" which are the cones. They also kick the ball to different color cones, and then there is "Goal Time". This is Andrew's favorite part of soccer. He gets to shoot the ball into the goal. It is funny to watch the kids cluttering around each goal and getting stuck inside the net trying to get their ball while the other kids are kicking their ball in the goal.
Of course both sets of Grandparents have come to watch our little soccer player. We all agree that he is the best kid in his class, and I don't think we are being biased, because Coach even said that Andrew is ready for Tot Soccer, which is for preschoolers without moms or dads with them. I am proud of my little athlete.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Fun

Today we had a backyard blowup pool play date with Logan and Nixon and mommy's play date partner Trisha. The boys bounced around, splashed, jumped and laughed in the pool, Miss. Allison splashed in her water table and Trisha and I lounged as much as we could. It is the first official hot day of the summer and the house heated up to 87 degrees. Paul worked all day today, came home for dinner where Andrew made his dreams come true. During dinner Andrew said "Andrew gets bigger, Andrew wanna be a knight and drive a horse" It was so cute, we all started to laugh. Paul took off after dinner to go meet up with some clients and I had a nice evening alone with the kiddos (and my blog).
Allison is now known as the girl with one million faces, mostly looks that would kill. My dad calls her a little spark plug. She really can give you the look of death if you tell her "no", I don't know where she gets it from. (ha ha). Yesterday, I was sitting down on the living room floor and Allison had just come in from playing outside, sat on my lap and said "Echhhh" which is what we tend to say when something is dirty or yucky. She kept saying it over and over and finally I looked down and she was holding a piece of dog poop! I couldn't believe it! She was right though, it was "Echhh". She is obsessed with her new baby doll. She can now say baby, but pronounces it almost like a southern belle. She has to go to bed with it every night, she is such a girl I love it!
Anyways back to tonight. I put Allison down with no problem and Andrew asked to watch a "mommy show" which is his way of trying to stay up later than he should. So being the overly tired mom that I am, I said OK. We watched "so you think you can dance" Andrew was sitting in Paul's spot on the couch and I laid down and put my head on his chest, just like I would do with Paul and Andrew put his arm around my neck and said "Andrew had fun swimming and laughing today, mommy you're my best friend". My heart melted. I never knew I would fall in love with any other male besides my husband, but I am head over heels in love with my little Andrew Clark.