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Demboski Diary

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Our routine

Everyday when I pick up the kids from school, we come home to routine and peace, where chaos and madness once took place. In order to create order, I put the power in the hands of the kids. They came up with the routine and I came up with the chores..
Once we get home, no snacks, no homework, no screens. Andrew moves the laundry around and starts a new load. Andrew empties all of the trash. Allison folds the laundry that Andrew took out of the dryer and feeds the dogs. Ashley picks up the dog poop. 
Once chores are done it is snack time. They can choose one thing from the "snack cupboard" and one fruit. Then homework, then read for 30 minutes. After that... playtime!!!

We have once again established peace in this house.
This mama is happy.