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Demboski Diary

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Friday, April 22, 2016

10 months old

Ashton John is 10 months old.
He is standing on his own and loves to cruise around the coffee table.
He is addicted to his mamma.
He loves to nurse.
He loves to feed himself unassisted.
I only made 3 batches of baby food for this one.
I call him troublemaker.
When I take a shower, this is how he entertains himself:

Ashton prefers to hold onto my legs and attempt to bite my legs and cry rather than let me make dinner.
Ashton is a horrible napper.
Ashton loves his mamma.
We always sing this song to him "Ashton John, he's my baby boy"
He has two bottom teeth and now his two incisors on the top, which makes him look like a vampire.
I wake up every morning and he is in bed with me. (Gotta work on that)
He loves his mamma.
He is finally learning to laugh out loud. He always seems to hold back his laugh.
He inhales and screams at the same time. (oddball)
He loves his mama. :)