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Demboski Diary

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Our Sunday night

A typical evening after dinner before bed Paul and I can be found struggling to calm our 3 big kids down and getting them into the shower. Showering 3 kids seems simple right? For some reason, Paul and I are really bad at it. Tonight proved this. Andrew and Allison were both hyper and showered really fast tonight, leaving Ashley behind. Ashley was bouncing around and full of energy running around naked and slamming doors, when she finally got into the shower, just to slip and hit her eye. Of course all I hear is this frighting scream coming from my bedroom. I tried to get into my room, but of course during Ashley's bout of endless energy and slamming doors, she locked the door. So here I stand on one side of the door and there she stands on the other screaming. She manages to unlock the door and I find her standing naked, half wet with blood dripping down her face and down her body. After calming her down (Andrew calming down Andrew, who was crying, upset an scared, we decide to take her to urgent care.  Two and a half hours later, the doctor says he can't stitch it because of the location, the eyelid is too delicate and he would need to sedate her. So he told us to go to the ER. Two and a half hours later, she is asleep and the doctor glues it. It is now 12:30am and we have all  4 kids heading out of the hospital on a school night. Paul was so tired that he decided to go to Jack in the Box to get something to eat to help himself stay awake on the drive home. He is in the drivethru ordering food, when Andrew says he wants a taco. Allison now says that she wants a taco too. By the time we get up to the window to collect the food, Allison is asleep so Andrew eats her taco. Paul and I are cracking up that Andrew is awake at 1:00am eating Jack in the Box tacos with us. Not exactly a proud parent moment, but glad we got to have him experience a 1am taco run with us for the first time.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Allison's 7th birthday Party

So now my little girl is 7.
I don't even know what to say in this blog. So let me just list the facts.
-Allison is intelligent, I'm not talking smart, I am talking intelligence. She has a gifted brain.
-She enjoys challenges. She wants to solve puzzles, word problems, play difficult board games where she needs to analyze, plan.
-She hears something, she is silent, then she follows up with questions of "well what happens if..." "how do they know....."  "why don't they..."  "when can I..."  It's never simple with her, there is always more she wants to know.
-She thinks she can solve the problems of the world. Hungry people on the street "Just give them food and water". Poor people: "Give them a house".  Life is not complicated for her. I think adults can learn a lot from 7 year olds. It is the age of reason after all.
-She enjoys a challenge. ( I know I said this already, but this challenge is different). She enjoys challenging Paul and I. If we tell her to empty the dishwasher (which is her daily chore), this will be her response. "WHAT? Why do I have to do that?, What is Andrew going to have to do? Why can't Ashley help me? It's not fair! I was in the middle of a game! Why do I have to spend my whole day cleaning?"  Yes my Allison does not like cleaning. At all. Ever.
-Allison likes to organize. She will refuse to clean her room, but if I take out all 9 of her cubbies and tell her to organize the contents of them into 9 categories, she will do it in a second. I try to assign her chores that relate to organizing. For example, she will need to clean out the tupperware drawer. She thrives on finding all of the lids for the bowls and put them together, then organize them by size and color. I have her daily chore be to empty the dishwasher, mainly because I feel happy when I see that she color coded the plates in the cabinets. I feel spoiled that it is always put away so neatly and so pretty.
-Allison loves art. She expresses herself through drawings, colorings, paintings and writing. When she wants to say that she is sorry for something, she rarely will come and talk to Paul and I. She would rather write a letter or make a drawing.
-She is naturally very nurturing. From the moment she looked at Cold Baby when she was 18 months old, I knew this was going to be it for her. Her desire to protect, love and care for another person is evident in her daily life as I see her care for Ashley and Ashton. She loves to pick out Ashley's clothes, buckle her up in her car seat, hold her hand when they cross the street.  I always joke and say Allison is my nanny for Ashton. She plays with him, she teaches him, sings to him, change him. She holds him so naturally, just like a mom. She plays with his hair and likes to twirl his hair around on his calic.
-I am proud of her. Allison is simply fun to be around. She is funny, energetic and fast. She is good at everything she tries: reading, painting, running, soccer, baseball, swimming, games... I could go on and on.
I am in love with this little girl and I am looking forward to sitting back and watching her conquer the world. I can't wait to see what she will end up doing in her future, for whatever it is that she chooses, will be fascinating.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ashton speaks

Today Ashton said mama and dada. (With purpose)