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Demboski Diary

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Early morning

Ashton and Ashkey wake up much earlier than the rest of us. Today was the first time they both slept in until 7:00! Allison took both of the out in the living room and made them all breakfast. Allison is my little helper.

First haircut

Ashton got his haircut tonight. He cried and so did I. His new look makes him look less crazy haired baby and more like a clean cut boy. He sobbed and a puddle of drool and tears gathered on his drape. I feel happy and thrilled that he is my last baby. I love him and his infancy that has come to an end. I'm ok with enjoying all of his firsts and lasts, but that doesn't mean I am not going to cry through it all. I am a mommy after all and crying is what I do best. Watching my kids grow up is bitter sweet. I want them to grow, learn and prosper, but I still want to wash them in the sink with baby shampoo. I survived my last first haircut.

Ash-o-ley starts TK

I have been in constant contact with the school counselor to get Ashley into TK. She is technically too young but I knew it would be an amazing opportunity for her to have an entire year of Spanish TK, so when I got the phone call that she could start I was thrilled! She had already started preschool and was 2 weeks in to her new classroom, but pulling her and having her start at the same school as Andrew and Allison was worth it. 
Ashley was excited and proud to wear her uniform and on her first day she came out of her classroom beaming saying she met a friend named Nadia. I knew it would be an easy transition for her. Ashley is the happiest person I have ever met. She will be voted class clown I am sure of it.