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Demboski Diary

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day in the Snow

Paul seems to have a habit of coming home from work at odd times and spontaneously telling us to pack up because we are going somewhere. Well today he came home and said "we are going to the mountains to play in the snow!" So we all grabbed our snow clothes, boots and sleds. 

Allison loved going down the hill on her sled! She was the only one who wore the correct shoes. She decided to wear her rain boots, so her feet stayed dry.

Paul was a good sport and helped the kids up and down the side of the hill.

Andrew loved to fly down the hill as well, but the whole time he kept asking if we could have a snowball fight. I don't think he understood that snowball fights just make you colder. We were already freezing!

Paul is probably the biggest kid of them all. He picked the one spot with a rock, went flying down, dented the sled and received a big bruise on his behind!

Andrew's wish came true, he and Paul had a snowball fight. He received a couple snowballs in the face, Paul was totally mature about it...yeah right :)

 Ashley made a friend. She kept staring at the snowman that was graciously left behind by another family. She kept poking at it with her covered hand.
 And then she pushed it so hard, the head fell off.

 Paul has some great ideas, and this was definitely one of them. We had a great time making memories.