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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Big kids go to the dentist

Well I finally managed to make the appointment and get both kids in to see the dentist. I am not exactly why I waited until I had three kids to do it, but oh well, it made things a bit more tricky. As I was filling out paperwork in the waiting room, Ashely started crying, the lady waiting next to us was offering me advise on what might be wrong with her (thank you weird stranger for letting me know what is wrong with my baby), Allison is asking me to read her a book and Andrew wants to color. Just when I get Ashely out of the car seat and starting to breastfeed, they call Allison's name and she starts to cry. I asked if they can take Andrew first so I can finish filling out the papers, feed Ashely and then go back with Allison. They agreed to my brilliant plan and off Andrew went like such a brave big boy. Once I am done multi-tasking, I go back to see Andrew. They have already completed his x-rays and he was laying on this huge chair watching cartoons on the flat screen TV right above him. He told me that they took pictures of his teeth. The dentist then tells me that they found a cavity!!! I was so bummed! It just makes me feel like an awful mother, like I don't have my kids brush their teeth like they should, or I just let them eat candy for dinner, and anyone who really knows me, knows that is not me at all.

Anyways I agree to have them fill his cavity today and then I go in Allison's room. She flat out refused to do the x-rays, so they agreed that all she really needed at this age is a cleaning and exam. She started crying at first and was not too happy. From across the hallway, Andrew got up on his knees in his chair and yelled out "It's ok Allison, it doesn't hurt at all, just be brave". It was pretty cute. Once Allison is calm and ok with the dentist cleaning her teeth I went over to check on Andrew and they already finished filling his cavity! I was so surprised they did it so quickly and Andrew had no complaints! All he kept saying was how brave he was.

I can't believe they both did such a great job, they are growing up so quickly, I just want to enjoy and remember every moment.