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Demboski Diary

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

The night after Thanksgiving we all ended up back at our house to make gingerbread houses. Thankfully they were purchased pre-built, so all we had to do was decorate them. Andrew really enjoyed himself, I was surprised how long his attention span lasted putting little candies on the house and tree. Gramma bought Andrew, Matthew and Natalie matching aprons.

It wouldn't be a celebration without ice cream and brownies. Andrew decided it was taking too long and decided to help himself and dish out his own bowl of ice cream. Happy Birthday Uncle Doug!
Santa Barbara Demboski's
Long Beach Demboski's
Buny and Doug
Gramma and Papa
Katie and Mike
Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Mike Demboski
Papa made some questionable X-rated parts to his little gingerbread man!

The final product!

Botanical Gardens

The day after Thanksgiving we decided to walk around the Botanical Gardens to burn some pumpkin cake calories. It was a gorgeous day with the sun shining bright and butterflies galore. We had a long walk around the gardens and ended up playing in a big field next to the children's garden.

I could only get Paul, Katie, Mike and Buny to turn around for my photo shoot.
Andrew loved the children's garden. There were mini bridges, houses, ponds and even a wishing well.

We propped Allison up in front of this sign. How ridiculously adorable is this!!
Run Andrew Daddy is going to tackle you!
This is what it looks like before 2 little children fall backwards off a bench and smack their heads on the cement. I posed Andrew and Natalie on the bench thinking of what a great picture it would be, not thinking that they would put their arms around each other and fall backwards. There were many tears and boo boos that needed kisses afterwards.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy first Thanksgiving Miss. Allison Nichole Demboski! This year was Paul's parent's turn for Thanksgiving. It was such a fun disastrous day. The sink in their kitchen clogged so we had to make use of the hose in the backyard to do some of the prep work like washing potatoes. As Paul and Mike were looking under the sink to see if they could fix it, all of the water that was backed up in the sink came flooding out of the bottom of the sink onto the floor. I was bailing out water through the kitchen window onto the patio. All of this was happening about an hour before dinner was ready. We were all having a lot of fun amongst the chaos.

Andrew and Allison had way too much fun with their cousins Matthew, Natalie and Lexie. The all played together so nicely.

Our Thanksgiving this year was extra special because Mike purposed to Becky FINALLY!! Pretty much everyone knew about the proposal except me, which made it extra fun when they announced it. I was smiling from ear to ear. I cannot wait for the upcoming wedding!! Congratulations Mike and Becky!

We went around the table like we always do and said what we are thankful for while Allison slept on the bean bag chair next to the table. Andrew said that we was thankful for Papa which doesn't surprise me, he really loves his papa.

After all the turkey and pies, Andrew fell asleep in Gramma's arms while daddy played a board game with Katie, Mike, Becky, and dad. I fell asleep on the couch with Allison.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Andrew's Crash and Burn & Allison is sitting up!

Last week the kids and I were on our way to meet Paul for lunch at his work. As we were leaving, Andrew had his Juju in one hand and a cookie in the other and he fell from the top of our front porch steps down to the sidewalk and scraped his face and smacked his forehead on the cement. He instantly started to scream. His nose was bloody, so I rushed him inside to clean off his face when I saw his forehead with a huge bump the size of half a golf ball. I sat him down and put ice on his forehead and turned on Oswald. It is amazing what a big blue octopus can do for booboos.
Allison is now sitting up! She loves it, but when she gets too excited and happy about something, she loses all control and falls over. It is pretty funny. She certainly enjoys her independent time. She is still really teny tiny, but she manages to roll all over the living room floor, and she is really loving her rice cereal. I can't wait to start giving her fruits, hopefully at our next doctor's appointment we can get the green light.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We celebrate Halloween with Gramma and Papa Demboski by carving pumpkins with them. Andrew colored his pumpkin, we thought it would be safer than handing him a knife and saying have fun. He helped Papa carve his, he mostly enjoyed taking out all of the guts. Paul and his mom did one together and Allison and I watched all the chaos. Andrew and Allison showed off their costumes to them as well.

The next day we went to the Long Beach Pumpkin Patch with Grandma and Papa Clark. Andrew went into the petting zoo with myself and Papa. Allison, daddy and Grandma showed off Allison's cute pumpkin costume to everybody, she was turning heads left and right. We had a great time.

Halloween night we got the kids all dressed up and went trick-or-treating. It didn't take long for Andrew to understand this concept. He would walk up to the door and say "Trickertreet" and then when the neighbor would give him candy, he would say "sucker!" because those are his favorite types of candy. Once we would leave that house, Andrew would say "more! run!" and he would run to the next house. We went around the block once together as a family, then Allison and I stayed back at the house to hand out candy while Paul and Andrew went back out for some more. Once we were all done, we went through all the candy and Andrew managed to sneak 2 suckers into his mouth.

I can't believe that both of my babies are getting so big! Andrew is starting to put together sentences and Allison is starting to learn how to sit up on her own, she is full on laughing now and she is eating rice cereal like a big girl! Where has the time gone...