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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Disneyland Night

Today was the last day we could use our annual pass at Disneyland. We managed to fight the crowds at the newly opened Cars Land and did the Mater ride. The kids had a blast and Paul and I did too.

Alligator on the rocket ship ride flying through the summer evening air.

Ashley and I in Radiator Springs
Allison was sad that she was too short to go on the swings.

She watched patiently as Andrew and Daddy went on the swings. We told her that she needs to eat a lot of fruits and veggies and that she needs to sleep a lot so she can grow real tall and go on the swings next time. 

Andrew didn't want to take his flip flops off for the ride, he said "I promise I'll squeeze my toes so they won't fall off". I thought for sure someone was going to get a shoe in the face as he went flying through the air.

We had a last minute thought to watch "World Of Color". Considering we grabbed a spot last minute, we had pretty good seats. Ashley's face here is priceless as she watches the bright lights, fireworks, and water. Such a wonderful moment in our lives.

Such a good daddy. Holding both of them so they can see everything perfectly. I am sure he appreciated me flashing the camera in his face too :)

Sisterly love. It just melts my heart

The best picture of the night. You can't see but I am holding Ashley. I was surrounded by my babies.

The last ride of the night was the Little Mermaid ride, Allie's pick since she was too short to go on the swings.

This was the first time we have had all three kids in the triple stroller. They all crashed before we left the park. I love that all three of my babies are here, healthy and having the best childhood possible.

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