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Demboski Diary

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ashley Marie's Baby dedication

Today  we dedicated Miss Ashley Marie. Her Godparents are John and Becky. It was a beautiful morning. I had made amazing french toast casserole the night before, the fruit was all cut up, the coffee was brewing, and my house looked perfect. I asked Paul to put the table cloth on the table in the backyard, and then we were ready to go. Well, Paul decided to move the table and umbrella. I don't know how he did it, but the entire top glass part of the table slammed to the floor and shattered the glass into thousands of pieces.  I was speechless when I saw the mess. If it wasn't so funny, I would have cried. Paul managed to almost completely clean it all up by the time everyone showed up. That was the only slip-up of the entire day. The whole gang showed up and we made the short walk to Parkcrest Church. We dropped off Andrew, Allison, Natalie and Lexie at the children's room and then we all enjoyed a wonderful message by Pastor Mike. Right before it was our turn on stage, Paul and Adrienne went and got the kids. Our little family was called up to the front of the church and  Pastor Mike said the sweetest things about our family and our promise to God.  Ashley was a sweet heart and didn't cry a bit. Once the little ceremony was complete we all walked back to our home and the party started. The day was flawless, we had great food, great company, and fantastic weather. Everything went so smoothly and Ashley was a true angel.

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