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Demboski Diary

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grandma Madeline's 81st Birthday at Disneyland

For Grandma's 81st birthday I had the great idea to drag her to Disneyland for 13 hours! HaHa! Actuallly I had no idea that it would explode into a 13 hour day with 9 adults and 6 kids. We had a great time. Rochelle, Damon and their kids, mom and dad, Aunt Patti and Cassie with Isla and Paul and our kids went with Grandma Madeline last week. We had a great time. We went on Haunted mansion with Grandma as well as Peter Pan, Small World and we even stayed to watch Fantasmic, and then she started to nod off during the final fireworks show. We all had a great time. Just the four of us went to the Tiki room, where Andrew danced his butt of like he has never danced before. He was REALLY into it. We got the whole thing on video. We had a lot of people come up to us afterwards to tell us they had more fun watching Andrew than watching the show. Allison did her part too, she danced nonstop, we even had some Asian couple taking pictures of them.

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