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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Camping at Lake Cachuma

Andrew found a worm!

Last weekend we went with Paul's parents, John, Adrienne, Matt, Natalie, Lexie, Mike and Becky up to Lake Cachuma to go camping. We arrived Friday afternoon to our cabin that we shared with Paul's folks. It was a cute little cabin with 2 bedrooms a little kitchen and a full bathroom. Liberty joined us on our journey. John and Adrienne had just arrived and were setting up their trailer. Grandma and Papa soon joined us and we are gathered to have a yummy barbeque dinner and roast marshmallows of course. Andrew was super excited because we had been talking about going camping for a while now. Within an hour of getting all set up in the cabin, or as Andrew called it the "cabinent", Allison fell and got a pretty bad booboo. We purchased her a princess camping chair for her birthday and was so excited to use it this weekend. Well she was sitting in it by herself and tried to get down and she couldn't reach the ground and instead she fell flat on her face and got a mouth full of dirt, a bloody nose and a bloody lip. She was scabbed and had road rash around her mouth all weekend. That was the first of many falls, trips and spills that she encountered that weekend.
Our first night there we realized we forgot Allison's pack-and-play for her to sleep in, so I jokingly said she can sleep in Liberty's cage. Well as the night went on we really had no idea with where to put Allison so we decided to just go for it and she slept in Liberty's cage! She didn't seem to mind, we laid down blankets and she slept for 10 hours! Andrew was a little confused and told us "that's Liberty's cage, not Allison's!" The first night we stayed up with Grandma and Papa belly laughing and telling stories. We had a great time.
The next morning Mike and Becky joined us, they arrived at 2:00am after their long drive up after work. The whole group walked down to the lake and went out on the pontoon boat that Papa had rented for us. It was a huge boat that sat us all comfortably. Andrew was super excited to go fishing for the first time. Everyone got their lines in the water and we scooted around the lake for a few hours while chit-chatting, laughing and enjoying the beautiful weather. Unfortunately nobody caught anything, but Andrew still had a blast. He was proud to be wearing his life jacket and camping hat. We decided to head back around lunch time. By this time the wind had picked up and we were quite a ways away from the dock so we decided to haul ass into the wind to get home at a reasonable time. Paul drove us back and had fun speeding into the wind and splashing us. Everyone was laughing and getting sprayed with water, but I think the one that enjoyed it the most was Allison. I finally took her out of my sling so she could exercise her little legs and she was standing by herself as we were flying over the choppy water, and she was dancing up and down and "riding the waves" like a true champ. Paul walked her up to the front of the boat where all of the water was spraying and a huge wave came and sprayed her real good, she was little baffled at first but then got a huge smile on her face and started dancing. She put on a show for us and entertained us all. We survived the boat ride back to the dock and headed back to the trailer for lunch. After lunch Allison went down for a nap in her cage and Andrew played with his cousin in the dirt with his trucks. He was in heaven. He spent a couple of hours scooping up rocks and dumping them into his dump truck, what more could he ask for? Grandma took all of the grandbabies to the general store and purchased a special ice cream treat for all of them.
We had delicious hamburgers for dinner and once again roasted marshmallows. Andrew had a lot of fun "playing" Bingo with Matthew, Mike and Becky. Andrew was excited about whatever Matt was excited about. He really looks up to his older cousin.
We all went to bed pretty early that night. The next morning, we packed up the car and headed out at an early hour because I had to work that night. Both kids slept the whole way home thank goodness, and then I went to work!

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