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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

It's the last week in July

It is July 26th and we have had a lot of fun this summer. It is our first summer having me in my new role at the hospital which means I am not home Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Which isn't bad at all. It is an adjustment for me thought to  manage to grocery shopping, laundry, having fun and making special memories for the kids to remember. My weekdays off with them I am doing my best to spend as a fun day. I try to minimize running errands and cleaning. I want them to remember their summers as a kid with mommy home and doing fun things with them.
My parents are here every Tuesday and Thursday which has been wonderful and I couldn't be anymore thankful for all they do.
We have one month left of summer and I am trying hard to not feel anxious about the Fall. This Fall I will be doing clinical hours every Wednesday at the hospital for school. This means I will be gone Monday-Thursday 5:00am-5:30pm. We will also have 3 kids in soccer, while trying to manage homework, my school load, Saturday soccer games and a new back to school schedule. It is a lot to manage and I will have to be very organized.
Until then I am holding on to each day and doing my best to communicate better, have more fun. let the laundry sit, and take more walks.

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